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Born and works in Kent. Originally studied under professional artist for two years. Paints mainly for pleasure. Won many categories through firsts to highly commended and merits. Much of the works are painted using only three primaries and white, but on his more recent painting expanded his palette as in Gallery 1. He uses only the best Michael Harding or Winsor and Newton artists oil paint and brushes and/or knives to achieve the colour, tone and desired effect he requires.

Statement on works.

Works that I have included for winter 2021/2022 on my site contain oil paintings from around the British coast, estuaries and further inland. Much of my work concentrate on travels to Norfolk, Cornwall, Sussex, Wiltshire or Kent. I would call my works abstractionist, that is I abstract from the scene in front of me leaving what I feel is unimportant and taking what is important, usually from my emotional, physical or expressive needs. Physical as a meaning is when I walk in that landscape, emotional is what the scene means to me on that particular time of day and expressive is how I want to convey that scene in the colours and how I apply the paint. This is my representation of a particular place and time and by being in that landscape I feel my emotions ARE part of it. I hope you will enjoy works.

" Painting is a feeling. Just as much as a sentence describes, so a sequence of colours describes.....I feel the shape and colours inside myself. I have the feel of a work rather than a vision of it. " Roger Hilton. Catalogue description wrote in 1961.

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If you interested in any of my artwork or photographic images for illustrative work, i.e book jacket design, book illustration, internet, advertising ect, Please contact me.